2016 Car Chix Calendars

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The 2016 Car Chix Calendars, featuring the top 12 women of the Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest!

These calendars make great holiday gifts and are perfect for the gearhead in your family, the office, garage or place of business. The calendar is a full color 13 month wall calendar featuring the top 12 Women of Motorsports 1 Bonus Month and more!

2016 Car Chix Calendar Features:
1. Stephanie Keil
2. Shauna Hill
3. Tabitha Sizemore
4. Staci Segura
5. Miranda Lawson
6. Natalie Sorak
7. Angie Coots
8. Nikkita Martino
9. Tonya Pennington
10. Presley Wilkerson
11. Kristen Jones
12. Stephanie Roberts

BONUS MONTH: Cheryl Hryn